Friday, August 5, 2011

Sneak Preview

I thought it would be helpful for the venue to mock up a table. Ok, mostly I wanted to see it for myself, but I will have a photo printed for the venue.

It will be much more lovely with a simple cream tablecloth and white plates, as the design on the tablecloth distracts from the overall effect, but this is what I had.

Top view:

(On a side note, I want to host a party based solely on this tablecloth my grandmother bought in Europe because it really is gorgeous, but that's a post for another day.)

I hope to have even a few more yo-yos and fabric ruffly flowers per table so they can come down closer to the plates and feel as though they spread into the settings themselves, especially since the tables will be much bigger.

The tags and keys will have people's names and their entree choice noted on them.

Those dahlias are, in fact, the dahlias my uncle planted all over his backyard for me to use at my wedding. They're going to be lovely when I work harder to cluster them properly, plus, these were cut a number of days ago, so they are beginning to wilt, but I still really like them.

The clock is ticking! We're getting close!