Monday, July 4, 2011



I promised myself I would have these done a month ago. I promised myself I wouldn't be this behind. But these things happen, right? And you still love me, right?

Here they are! With the help of my good friend Agnes, I have finished my very own homemade letterpressed invitations (which have obviously been somewhat - and poorly at that - blurred):

We used the L Letterpress to blind press the lovely tiled design in the top. I think it worked out quite well. Agnes letterpressed while I rounded the corners. The feeling still hasn't returned to the palm of my hand, but oh well.

And here are the RSVP postcards:

Front and back:

Yep, that friends says there's a vegan dinner option. I don't mess around. (But mostly, I just want to be able to eat at my wedding.)

Close up:

You should know that Agnes is a graphic designer and that is why she is so amazing. She even developed this fantastic little logo and printed it on labels. It will go on everything. Watch out - you might find it stuck to your back when you get home!

Here's my attempt at photographing the whole invitation suite. (Agnes even printed the return address on the envelopes for me. So so great! I never could have done such a great job without her help!)

Now I'd better get a move on. Someone has to address these babies - and it sure isn't going to be Chris. Have you seen his handwriting!?'s bad. But there are a few more corners to round and he's promised to help!

Happy Fourth of July!


  1. So cool! Did you take a class?

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  3. Hi Cindy! class. just looked around a lot to get ideas and had the help of an awesome graphic designer friend!