Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cute as a button

So, I've tried to picture how the tables at my wedding will look. I'm a little sad that I have to do rounds instead of long family-style tables. For whatever reason, I find long tables to be much more aesthetically pleasing, but the only way 100 people fit in my venue is in rounds. Oh well. :)

I've still got my "people" (my aunt and this awesome woman) scouring the earth for even more milk glass so I can cluster a few of them on the tables instead of just having one sad, lonely centerpiece. I've asked around and it's unanimous - no one likes lonely centerpieces. (Ok, I've asked no one.) And then I'll* scatter dupioni silk yo-yos in varied colors and sizes around the flowers. (*And by I'll - I mean the proverbial "I," AKA, someone else. It is my wedding day, after all.) I have more to say about flowers, but I'll get there soon.

I'm concerned that since all the decor will be creamy & white, the place settings will need a little something to make them tie into the decor. (Or perhaps I just want something else to obsess over. I'm ok with that, too.) :) (These are the things that haunt me day and night. I kind of love it.) So, of course, I've decided to make napkin rings. Yes, I'm obviously insane. But, sanity is overrated.

I really do like this idea from Ober, Onet & Associates:

However, I'm concerned about all the paper making projects I already have in my "to-do que." Wow - that rhymes - I'm so stealing that from...myself(?). Plus cutting out the slits in the sides with an exacto knife over 200 times!? My hand gets all crampy and claw-shaped just at the thought. Also, I'm hoping my venue might be willing to take care of the napkin part of the decor, and I think it's a lot to ask to have them fold the napkins, thread the ribbon through, and have them center the ribbon without tearing the paper. Sorry, Chelan, I know you heart this one. :)

I also love these from Once Wed.

Yes, they're a little...hippie-ish, maybe? (Don't tell Chris! He's not so into hippie fashion.) But, they seem a little more forgiving than the other project. And I like that different fabrics can be used in each button. Plus, my fabric scraps can become my napkin rings! Um, yes, please!

I'm an addict and I was, in part, looking for an excuse to buy this amazing ribbon from Midori. We're so lucky to have them in Seattle!

I found a whole spool of this goodness in 3/4 inch on ebay. Mmmm. Forty yards of dupioni silk ribbon = the very idea of heaven. Plus, it's a little stretchy which will make it easy to get around the napkins.

Unfortunately, I couldn't really justify splurging for the 2 inch (more than twice as much), so these are going to be narrow napkin rings. The tutorial from Once Wed calls for 1 inch ribbon, but the stuff they show is at least 2 inches (I have that same ribbon from the tutorial in grey/blue, I mean, duh - who doesn't!? Ok, so maybe my ribbon addiction is a problem...).

I was thinking the thinness of the 3/4 inch ribbon might be an issue. And, frankly, it hasn't really gotten rave reviews from those who I've run the idea by, but I think it will be fine. It's just a little something extra, it's not going to be the pièce de résistance of the decor. Plus, I got a great deal on 1/2 inch cover buttons on etsy, so it will cost me less than $0.50 per napkin ring. Here's an absolutely horrible photo of a terrible mock-up I did of the project (I spent 30 seconds on this) to convince myself that they will look fine. I promise to take better photos when they're done.

I can't wait to work on this project! And the other 1,600 projects in my to-do que. (Ok, I'll stop now.)

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