Sunday, November 21, 2010

First fun with fondant!

So, this weekend was all about the butterfly cake. My friend's (shameless plug) daughter turned 13 this weekend and ever since I made her this Hello Kitty Cake (sorry for the awful photo - it's rather old):

she always asks me to make her cake. This year she wanted butterflies. Since Chris was again out of town and my Friday night was free, I thought it was a good time to try out this recipe for marshmallow fondant. I've never used fondant before, and I think it tastes kinda yucky, but I thought it was a good compromise to use the fondant for the decor but use regular ol' buttercream for most of the cake. At least people could pick it off if they so desired. Turned out pretty well for my first attempt, I think!

Again, since I couldn't stop with just one giant butterfly, I made smaller butterflies from Hello, Cupcake! to paste to the board. I didn't have the melting chocolate disks, so instead, I just dyed white chocolate purple. I also dyed the cake purple for fun, but I don't have any photos of that.

I probably could have color coordinated the whole thing better, but all in all, it was worth not sleeping on Friday. :) I didn't think the cake was all that exciting - the birthday girl just wanted white cake with frosting in the center, and yet I got at least three more cake orders for future birthdays. :) Unfortunately, they are birthdays in August. I'm guessing I might be a bit busy one month before the wedding to make a bunch of birthday cakes, but I am crazy after all. Someone stop me if I agree to this. Please.


  1. I'll have to put in my order NOW for Sydney's cake, eh? Kidding. You'll be too busy with the wedding...There is always next year!
    Was the fondant sticky because of the marshmallows? I'm curious to try it...

  2. Hmm...yeah, I'm not sure I can commit to summertime birthday cakes, but I probably will anyway. :)

    Also, the fondant isn't *that* sticky because I added 1,400 pounds of powdered sugar. I would bring you some fondant to play with because I have leftovers, but I can't remember if I used butter to grease my hands when I was rolling it out. :| It's really quite easy...and fun to play with - it's like ultra sweet edible play dough. :)