Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Introduction and more goodness

It seems I didn't introduce myself, although I'm not entirely sure that it's necessary, since I may never actually publish this blog to the public. But, just in case, I will make a more formal introduction. I'm Kerissa and I like pretty things. I love paper - beautiful, buy-by-the-sheet, delicious paper. Snow and Graham, Peculiar Press, Whimsey, Elum, Hello Lucky - all the usual suspects. I love letterpress, and I just bought the L Letterpress machine (for a steal - I also like sales), and I hope to be able to make my own invitations and paper goodness for my wedding, although I may not be that cool - we shall see. I love baking. Cakes. Cupcakes. Handpies. Regular pies. Cookies. I could go on, but I won't. I love beautifully arranged flowers on my table for no reason. I love pretty vintage things, especially those with modern, clean lines: skeleton keys; fat little sparrows painted on plates; my grandmother's tablecloth she brought back from Europe; cluster engagement rings (I'm such a lucky girl!). I love throwing parties, although I rarely have time to make all the pretty things I envision for my parties. I'm not a big fan of meat and I'm marrying a man who is from Wisconsin, so also, I'm not afraid of a challenge. I think my cat is awesome, but I don't want cat paraphernalia cluttering up my house (the cat herself is sufficient proof that I like cats), so please keep that in mind everyone. Thank you kindly. I love to dance (lyrical is my personal fav), and I love to teach kid's dance (and take adult classes) at D&G Dance Company. I hope to be able to continue to do that for a very long time. That mostly sums it up, I think. Oh, and I'm a lawyer.

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