Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yep. I have to do it.

Ok, I've been consciously and subconsciously thinking about wedding stuff for...well, years probably, but I have been giving it extra consideration since my engagement almost 5 weeks ago. I want this wedding to be a reflection of me and Chris as a couple. I already know that Chris isn't terribly into the vintage things I love, but he's happy if I'm happy (I actually believe that when it comes to wedding decor). I want to find a way to incorporate the things he loves as well, and I'm working on that. But, I want to include the things I love, and I love two things the most: baking and dancing. It's been a foregone conclusion since the day after my engagement that my dance girls and I are going to do some ridiculous dance thing, so that decision is made. :) But, people have been asking me if I am going to bake the dessert for my own wedding. Usually the question is posed like this: "YOU'RE not going to bake for the wedding, are you!?" You know what, darn it!? How could it really be MY wedding if I don't bake at least some of the desserts? I'm thinking a dessert bar with candies, cupcakes (some for my vegan/lactose intolerant friends), rice krispie treats (I'm sorry, I LOVE them), and perhaps some bakery bought mini-tartlets. I just realized that I feel strongly that I wouldn't be truly sharing the things I love with the people I love without some homemade baked goods. So, yes, yes I AM going to bake for the wedding. So there!

And I love blue and brown together, so how much do I love this blue and brown cupcake I made for a baby shower (it's a boy - duh):

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  1. Ugh. Every time I have some great idea, I come up against some kind of obstacle. Most places won't let you bring in food you've made if it was not produced in a kitchen that was approved by the health department. Poo on that, I say. I mean, I totally understand. However, I'm not serving it to the general public, I'm serving it to my guests. And we're talkin' rice krispie treats here, people. It's very hard to poison someone with a rice krispie treat. Even if you tried...