Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kerissa Likes Crafting

I adore my friends and family! Last night, 8 of us gathered to eat pizza, drink fizzy white wine from Trader Joe's (so good!), and make wedding crafts! Between us all, we managed to make 3 fabric ruffly delicious pom poms. (Doesn't sound like much work, but it took at least 3 yards of fabric, which had to be cut into 4 inch circles and then individually glued onto tiny chinese lanterns! I never could have done anything close to that amount of work in one night by myself!) I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with the poms at the wedding just yet, but I love them so much! Maybe as chair markers for Chris and me, or perhaps as hanging backdrop behind the dessert table. Here's a photo - they still need their ribbon, but that part's easy!

And for fun - one more:

I definitely could not have done it without my aunt, who picked up and baked the pizzas before I even got home for work, and had everything all set up. She also made me this ridiculously adorable champagne cake for dessert!

There was champagne in the cake itself, and also a champagne/powdered sugar glaze. It was worth all the lactose intolerant pain I may endure as a result of eating it, but so far, so good! :) (You can also see my "slight" addiction to wedding magazines in the background of that photo.)

We also made a number of fabric silky flowers, although I need to sew them together before I take a photo. Oh, and so far, I've made 50 fabric yo-yos from dupioni silk. It's moving right along - now I just have to keep up the pace!

What a productive evening! I love to see the crafts all coming together with still more than a year until the wedding!

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