Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time for a Game Plan

(That's a sports analogy - Chris would be so proud!) This isn't much of a newsflash for those who know me (especially Chris!): I'm indecisive. I also want to make a very well-informed decision on which wedding venue will give me the most bang for my buck. This is a bad combo. I'm also a tad too practical to walk into a beautiful ballroom and think: "This is where I see myself getting married!" Perhaps this is due, in part, on the fact that I don't have 80 zillion dollars to spend, so the super gorgeous places are generally out of my price range. I learned today that the California Substation, which was number one on my list of awesome wedding venues will not likely be finished in the next year as it lost its funding. Sigh. So, now I think I have a plan...maybe. (See - indecisive!) I'm going to drag Chris around to a few more places, just to look. I'm aware that this will probably just make my decision harder, but there are a couple more places I'd like to check out. Plus, I'm afraid somehow I'm not finding some hidden gem out there that's like the California Substation - unheard of, cheap, and lovely. I realize this is rather unlikely given the unbelievable amount of research I've done, the amount of time I've spent collecting information and the amount of knowledge I have floating around in my head. (People ask if I've thought about such-and-such a venue, and generally I can approximate the room rental fee, number of people that can be seated and the food and beverage minimums from memory, which is met with a blank "what a freak" stare, followed by "I guess you have thought about it".) So, after a few more site visits, I am going to pick my top two - hopefully with Chris' input. From there, I plan figure out which venue provides us with more for our money. I'd rather spend a little more to get more, within reason, of course. And barring all of this, Hawai'i it is. Chris would be thrilled! But, I can't keep thinking about this anymore. It's literally making my head spin. I'm going to go take some dramamine for that!

Just for fun, here's a photo of the Pan Pacific Hotel. I think this place is beautiful (although spendy, of course):

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