Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I've been missing in action and have accomplished absolutely nothing wedding related in the last week due to sanding, sanding, sanding, staining, staining, staining, and cleaning up cat barf. (Yeah, Raya has made her displeasure at being locked in the kitchen known. Clearly known.) I think a post about pretty accessories is in order just so I can get that image out of my head.

I'll admit it, I'm kinda bummed that I have to wear flats on my wedding day. There are some amazingly sexomatic wedding pumps out there, but with even a small heel I'll be at least as tall as Chris. And let's be honest, if I'm going with pumps, I'm going all the way with some 4-inchers. But, I don't want to be taller, so flats it is. Sigh. (Perhaps this is why Chris told me that we almost didn't get matched on eharmony since I was almost outside his range of acceptable tallness. I countered with the fact that he was almost outside my range of acceptable oldness. HA! I crack me up. I like to tease him for being old-he's in much better shape than me, so I have to find something tease him about!)

I like flats well enough, but they really aren't very formal, and a lot of them tend towards being something my grandma would wear, or worse, something even my grandma wouldn't wear. I decided to try to find a peep toe to at least add a little bit of interest to the shoe, so I settled on these from The Dessy Group.

They're very wedding-y (meh) and a lot of my friends have said they are "adorable." I'm not sure I'm going for adorable, but it'll have to do as they have the nicest shape I've seen from a wedding-appropriate peep toe in a decent price range.

In an attempt to make the shoes more sophisticated, I'm going to replace the grosgrain ribbon with something a little more grown up. (And by "I'm" I mean my awesome friend, Chelan.) Perhaps tiny yo-yos, or, more likely, a giant ruffle all the way around the peep toe like the kiss pleat ribbon in this photo from here. It's a bracelet here, but I've seen it on some amazing wedding shoes as well, like these from here:

Mmmmmm pretty! Guess I'll have to visit the ribbon room at Nancy's Sewing Basket to find the right ribbon! Oh no! How awful! (Someone please come get me out before I spend my entire pay check. I love that place!) I am glad that the shoes are only $30. That seems like the right amount to spend on shoes I'll only wear once. Plus, I know me well enough to know that I will *never* stay in my shoes. I don't really "do" shoes. I get home and I take off my shoes. I get to work and I take off my shoes (apparently that's "weird" in a law office. But, whatevs). I get to dance class and I, you guessed it, take off my shoes. So, spending more than $30 for shoes that I'll likely only wear for about 2 hours really is silly, so I'm glad to have found inexpensive, appropriate shoes with a nice silhouette.

I also bought this awesome 5-strand vintage milk glass cuff bracelet from ebay. It's old and slightly discolored in places, but, that's part of its charm. I also love that it looks ok on my ridiculously tiny wrists (thanks, Grandma). Oh, and I also love that it cost me all of $8, and that included shipping. I think I'm going to have someone fashion a clip on it so it will actually stay in place - seriously, my wrists are tiny. It is something like this one one from etsy, but with 5 strands and without the black rhinestone studded bands (phew!).

I'm still necklace hunting. I bought a 2 strand milk glass necklace from ebay as well, but it's just way too chunky. Super cute for every day, though! I'd like a multi-strand vintage milk glass necklace to match, but the beads need to be exceedingly small and delicate-looking so as to not distract from the dress. Something like this, perhaps, but maybe with fewer strands and tad shorter so it is more of a choker. I don't know.

I'm also strangely picky when it comes to earrings. I want something dangly, but thin and streamlined. I have this bizarre hatred for chandelier earrings that are wider than they are long. Gah. Seriously, what's my deal!? I don't know, but I think I'm going to try to find something like these from Tiffany's, except, you know, not real and not $325. More like $20...

They are thin and interesting and matchy matchy with the bracelet, but not overwhelming. I hope I can find something like it, or have them made by someone.

I also love this hairpiece I found here.

With a little bird cage veil? Yes, that'll do. Now I just have to figure out how to make it!

Yay for pretty!


  1. I likes! -Also, if you click on the beribboned shoes link, I own the exact same silver D'Orsay style, Manolo Blahnik knock-offs as the ones in the 5th picture from the top. Love, love love them :)

    Yay for pretty!

  2. Oh please, as if I *didn't* notice your Manolo knockoffs on there. :) Those are some seriously fabulous shoes!