Monday, October 4, 2010

Photographers, Musicians, Officiants, Oh my!!

Well, it seems like a whirlwind, but I found a photographer I love for almost half the price of all the others that I love. (I apparently have expensive taste when it comes to photos!) We haven't met with her yet, so it's not confirmed, but I'm certain I'll talk her up here soon enough. We're also in the middle of putting in a bid for an incredible band - one that we shouldn't even be able to afford, but the lead singer is a good friend and she's ahmahzing. (However, they are a big-time vegas band, so I'm not sure if I can make this happen...fingers crossed!) This is really going to be a wonderful day (and a fabulous party!) if I can pull all this good stuff together. But I have to say that with 355 days left until the wedding, I think we're pretty on the ball thus far. This is because of Chris - he's a "get it done" kinda guy. This may irritate me on Saturday mornings around 7:30 am, but it's really working well for the wedding planning. Now we just need to discuss ideas for an officiant and we'll have all the "big" things worked out! It's all very exciting! More to come, I'm sure.

And, on a random note: I decided last week that the blog I should be writing is one where I post the crazy stupid things that parties, and especially their lawyers, write or say on public record. Oh. My. God. It's entertaining, funny, sometimes tragic, but always true. I'm just worried that mocking the profession may look, um, unprofessional at best, and perhaps violate the rules of professional conduct at worst. (Yes, believe it or not, folks, there are rules of professional conduct that lawyers are obligated to follow. I know, that in and of itself seems blog post-worthy.)

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