Friday, October 8, 2010

Dang tempting food blogs!

Ok, I'll fess up - I love Molly Wizenberg and her blog (Orangette). A while ago,* Chris surprised me with a trip to Molly and her husband Brandon's restaurant, Delancy, and he asked to have her come over to the table to meet me. He even grabbed my copy of her book from my kitchen to have her sign. I was completely star struck, turned bright(!!) red, and was too embarrassed to have her sign the book. (Please don't ask where Chris hid the book so I wouldn't know where we were going until we got there. Ok, it may have been in his pants. I think he needs smaller pants...) :) So, when your food-blogger crush has a post that starts "Because there was a bag of plums," and you happen to have exactly 4 plums waiting to be used, you call it serendipity and make her plum tart. And then you eat half of it for breakfast because you have no will power. And also because you haven't gotten your wedding dress altered yet, and you decide that maybe you'll just get a little fatter and you won't have to. I won't lie - the tart is delicious! And simple! And Chris likes it too. :)

*Ohmygeezy, could that have been a whole year ago? Before I knew of the lactose intolerance? Wow, time flies! But my Molly obsession has stuck. Yes, I call her Molly - she's a regular name in our household, she just doesn't know it. :)

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