Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have a tree!

Ok, so it's not *my* tree, but I store my uncle's fake Christmas tree in my basement. We've had some rains in Seattle. Like, a lot of rain. So, I put on some rain boots and waded (is that a word?) around in the 6 inches of water in my basement to save what I could. Not that there's much to save - most everything's up on blocks down there because it floods every year, but not to this degree. Long story short, the fake Christmas tree had to come upstairs. My uncle got a real tree this year = I get to have a tree my last year as a bachelorette (or something.) So here's my "bachelorette tree."

As you can see in the following very helpfully labeled photo (taken without flash so you can see the pretty glowy), the cat approves:


  1. Did you handmake all of the ornaments?! I think I'm so funny, don't I?
    My favorite ornaments are those you gave to us last year. Yay for pretty trees!

  2. Um, yeeeah I *totally* handmade every ornament, snarky! Actually, I did make one of the ornaments when I was a teenager. I'm still madly in love with it because my grandpa cut out the stars from wood and I painted it with a happy smiley face and gave him a string of fake Christmas lights to hold. I need to get back to making cute, easy little things for everyone for Christmas. It's fun and less $$$. Wait...I said I *wasn't* going to do this to myself next year. Sheesh.

    Please remind me which ornaments I gave you last year so I don't give you the same ones again. :) I tend to buy in bulk...