Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Bands.

In the last post I told ya'll that we have a band (YAY!). So, in this post I thought I'd talk about wedding bands.

I bought Chris' wedding band on Sunday! Take *that* to-do list. He chose a white gold wedding band from the jeweler where he got my engagement ring. It's perfectly simple. However, I'm still not sure if I want a wedding band. I think it will distract from the gorgeousness that is my ring already, so perhaps I'll do a right hand ring, or none at all...I'm still debating. (Ah, indecision!) I do like that we are using our local West Seattle jewelers, though. It's nice to support local businesses.

Also, look what I made:

I found the tutorial on ruffledblog. Love it! (Usually my china cabinet is full of pretty stuff, but we still haven't finished the floor baseboards behind it, so it sits sad and almost empty. It's pretty ugly (sorry grandma), so I think it misses its pretty things.)

I have to make pretty presents for people and approximately 80 dozen cookies, so I may not post for a while. Heck, I may not sleep for a while...

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