Monday, April 11, 2011

Cake x 4

I made some cakes this weekend.

My friend's adorable daughter turned 5. She loves pink and purple, you know, because she's a girl. But, she had a science party because she's awesome like that. She also has good taste...she wanted a lemon cake with blueberry filling and I made a lemon buttercream frosting as well. All vegan of course.


I made the cake into a beaker because, well, I can't draw anything else science-y.

In fact, I can't draw a beaker all that well, either, but oh well.

I did think it needed some bubbles:

Also, Chris' mom is in town all the way from Wisconsin, so we celebrated Chris and Serena's birthdays 5 weeks early so Grammy could join in the celebration.

The birthday boy and girl don't agree on cake. So, mini (many?) cakes were born.

She wanted chocolate with raspberry filling and chocolate frosting.

He wanted chocolate cake with no filling and vanilla frosting (although I threw some almond in there as approved.)

I made myself a little vegan lemon cake with blueberry filling from the leftovers of the beaker cake.

It did make for a cute little cake trio, although I wish I had put the cakes on cake plates.

Some day I'll be able to do it all. (That there is delusion, people.)

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