Wednesday, April 20, 2011

House of cards

I seem to have accidentally hit on a recent theme for the wedding: vintage cards.

I found these beauties on Etsy.

I purchased 15 consecutively numbered vintage playing cards for only $5.60, including shipping! Hooray for inexpensive, unique and vintagey table numbers! The Etsy store where I purchased them (30one) has a bunch of fun things like this.

The seller mentioned that the design on the back of the card left something to be desired, but honestly, I don't mind it. It certainly conjures up the look of old playing cards to me!

Although, I can't imagine what card game was played with a deck of cards that were numbered up to 15. Then again I'm no card playing expert. :)

You know what might have been my favorite part? They were wrapped in an old McCall's sewing pattern!

Love! I think I'll be using that to make a tissue flower for one of my tables. I'm so addicted to paper goods it's ridiculous.

I was completely reaffirmed in my belief that these cards were great when I saw them in a Seattle store called Watson Kennedy (purveyor of fine goods - yes, please!). I want my wedding to look like that store, except without the price tag, of course. And you know what's completely adorable - it's Chris' mom's favorite store in the city! She's got good taste, that Wisconsinite. And did I mention that the store is conveniently located across the street from our wedding venue. Win!

Of course, we had to visit while she was here, so my aunt and Chris' mom and I went to check out the venue and then wandered across the street for a little shot of fine goods. I fell in love with these cards (and 15 other things in the store, but, you know, I exercised some self control).

They're rather large, and extra sturdy. My lovely aunt purchased them for me. How sweet! Yes, they're more orangey than champagney, but you don't always want to be perfectly matchy matchy, now do you?

Check out the back! It's soooo the best part!

Apparently there are more words that begin with C than begin with K.

The detail on these babies is pretty great.

I can't wait to mock up a dessert table using all of these great vintagey monogrammed finds!

Oh, and I also love the tissue paper from Watson Kennedy (shown behind the cards in these photos). I will use that for some flowers as well. I'm like a kid - the packaging is just as much fun as the actual item!

PS - Some day I will learn to take photos in daylight so they look a little less...uh...dark. Some day...

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