Saturday, April 23, 2011


So, of course, I love me some baker's twine. It's used by bakers. I heart bakers. And it's twine, so it also parallels my love of ribbon. I mean, obviously it was going to be a perfect match.

And when a certain someone told me about Divine Twine, which comes in a variety of lovely lovely colors, I jumped and immediately purchased a roll from WhiskerGraphics.

I love it. I'm imagining all of the uses for this goodness, and boy do they abound! I will be using the twine to tie the tags to the vintage skeleton keys for the place cards at the wedding. Yes, I will.

And you know how I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I love packaging? Well, Divine Twine did a fabby job of packaging this baby. Look at the adorable bird on the back...I mean, seriously!

And check out all the other little goodies that came in the mail with the twine!

A cute little thank you pouch with a sticker, samples of all the Divine Twine colors, some birdie stickers (!) and a business card, you know, for future purchases. How fun!


  1. OMG! Want! -Especially those birdie stickers! And I think those snippets of twine would be perfect for doing this with...

  2. Hmm. That didn't work. I meant this:

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