Monday, May 2, 2011

Gah! Necklace!

Remember this post where I whine about not liking pearl necklaces with my dress? Well, I showed this photo to my aunt:

[Please forgive me for forgetting which discount website I found this on.]

...and then look what she came home with! (*Ahem* for 1/6 of the price!)

I haven't tried it on with my dress yet, but doesn't it have such fabulous potential!? Kinda like my engagement ring, but, you know, a little different. The above photo really doesn't do it justice. (I swear I took it in daylight. Sigh.)

It's the perfect length.

Here it is with my hairpiece that I won from Abbey Hepner!

Aren't they just delicious together? Yeah, I think so, too. (PS - the vintage broach in the center of the hairpiece is *not* black...again, I should learn something about photography.)

I can't wait to try it all on with my dress and see if it gets the overall thumb's up. And I'm hoping I can find some time here soon to make my veil and my belt. Gah! I need more time in a day!

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