Monday, May 9, 2011

Love is Sweet.

Yes, it is. Sweet like candy. Mmmm, candy. (This is how my brain works.) There will be a lovely dessert bar at the wedding, so I had a banner made to hang above it. I considered making it myself, but sometimes its just best to leave it to the professionals when you have a zillion other things going on.

And boy did the professionals over at Earmark on Etsy ever do a great job! Of course, I heart the packaging. Again.

What a cute bag!

And some free postcards for good measure.

Did I mention that taking a decent photo of this banner proved difficult?

Here's a better one:

Note me and my neighbor's houses in the reflection. Oh, and my couch inside. Wow. Not winning any photography awards over here, but you get the idea. (This is why I hired Abbey Hepner.)

Case in point:

Blurry photo of the heart spacers with our initials! But even with the blurriness, that's ridiculously cuteness. AmIright?

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