Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Everyone needs one. Usually I raid the target travel section for a bridal shower gift for a friend (I know it sounds cheesy - but it's one less thing to worry about before a wedding, and peace of mind is a great wedding shower gift!).

This time, I did it for myself.

And yes, everything is there. Fingernail clippers? Check. Static cling remover spray? Check. Lactose intolerant? I got you.

(Well, plus there is will be vegan dinner and dessert options. That's just how us violently lactose intolerant folks roll.)

It's all organized by type.

I'm loving the clear bags! You can see it! (Although there is a small flashlight in there - just in case!)

And these velcro into a larger travel bag that will be coming with me day-of.

I plan to put these in the ladies room during the wedding so that if one of my beautiful guests might need some mousse or perhaps some floss (ok - *I'm* the one who always needs floss) it'll be there for their use! There will also be a list, so that people will know if what they are looking for is actually in there. But, I promise. It is.

Cost of all the miniatures: Probably something ridiculous like $80 - I may have gotten a tad carried away. Feeling prepared for anything on your wedding day: Priceless.

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