Sunday, January 23, 2011

Veils, Earrings, Bracelets and Belts. What more does a girl want!?

I got to play with my dress and jewelry the other night! Yay! Pretty and fun! I went back to Blue Sky Bridal (because they're the awesomest) to try on veils, and I brought my jewelry too so that I could get a picture of the whole look.

I tried on a long-ish veil, but it's just not me. Although, if I was going to do a long veil, it would be lace trimmed, like this one from here:

Blue Sky had a lovely lace trimmed/mantilla style veil - it will be amazing for some bride. But again, I'm just not a long veil kinda girl, beautiful lace or no.

I didn't mind the fingertip length veil, which is surprising as I thought I would have a rather unpleasant reaction to veils in general. But, although it might be a current trend/cliché, I'm in love with the bird cage veil. It's just me. I can't help it. It's just part of my genetic code. There's nothing more to be said. Love this from here.

I'll wear it for photos before and during the ceremony, and then likely take it off for the reception. I don't want it to come over my eyes - I want it to come down over my forehead slightly off-kilter so that it's just a little somethin' somethin' that says "Hi. I'm getting married."

And then there are the borrowed earrings. How gorgeous are these? Totally perfect.

Perhaps a little $8 milk glass bracelet for something old.

I haven't yet decided if I'm going to do a necklace. I tried on all manner of pearls and it just wasn't working for me. So it's either something sparkly, or nothing at all. I'm certainly amenable to either.

And the last decision was that my lovely, lovely lace trumpet dress (and don't worry - even if Chris read that, he won't know what that means) told me that it needs a sash/belty thing. A lovely 1-1/2 to 2 inch silk ribbon with some trim on the front or perhaps a vintage broach on the back bow (but not both - too much bling). Something like this from here:

You know, except that's not my dress, and I won't have the scary giant flower eating my head.

So many decisions made! So many more to go - like how to fancy up very very bleh shoes.

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