Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My favorite things

So, I like to bake. That has been well established. But I also like to dance. Good thing, because with all the baking, I'd be a lot bigger if I didn't. :) It also helps that I can't eat much of what I bake due to my lactose intolerance. I've recently been informed that I should go gluten free for a couple of weeks to see if that helps with my migraines. Those will be some cranky weeks. I love me some bread. Anyway...

The kids I help teach at D&G Dance Company in Columbia City had their recital last Saturday, and the instructor, Jeffie Lou, asked her adult class to dance as well. Her class has men, women, mothers, grandmothers, and teens, which is so much fun. Only some of the "regulars," as we're called, performed. One of the husbands video taped our performance.

It was great fun. I missed dance, and even performing, when it wasn't in my life for all those years during law school and a couple of years thereafter. I especially love dancing and performing it in a low-key setting such as this where it's really just for fun (well, and to burn off a few extra vegan cake calories). Of course, once I got off stage I had 26 kids waiting for help tying bandannas on their head. No rest for the weary, as they say!

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