Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where have you been my whole life,

Groupon!? (You thought I was going to say Chris, didn't you? Well, him, too, but seriously people we're talking major discounts here.) I'm not going to lie, saving money makes me super excited. I'm one of those people that if given a compliment such as "I like your sweater," I respond with "thanks, it was originally $148 but I paid $30!" (That just might be the case for the sweater I'm wearing right now.)

If you don't know about groupon, you should come out from under that rock. :) Living Social is good as well. They send you daily emails for 50% off (or more) restaurants, spas, gyms, experiences, etc. in your city. They were quite handy for buying Christmas gifts this year. Wait. Technically last year, I suppose. I always have a hard time with that the first week of January.

Every once in a while Groupon makes my week. (I'm easy to please, I guess.) This is one of those weeks!
Today Groupon had a sale on photo books from Photobook America. Hello 70% off super nice guest book! This means I paid $35 for a $115 gift certificate to the website! And if I don't use it for a guest book (because I'm still considering guest book options such as polaroids of each guest), I will likely use it make a nice keepsake or gift for our families after the wedding! Love!

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