Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let them eat cake...

...somewhere else. Ok, I don't love cake. Yes, I love to bake cake. I like to make cute cakes. Pretty cakes. Layered cakes. But eating them...meh. This is how I can have a freezer full of cupcakes and not pig out. Now, if I had a freezer full of cookies or pies or, heaven forbid, jelly bellies, I'd be in trouble. My fiance isn't a huge cake fan either. So, I'd like to do a dessert buffet with pies, cookies, rice krispie treats (LOVE THEM), and candies. Oh, and donuts - who doesn't like donuts!? Crazy people, that's who. But no cake. I know it's not very traditional, but is it so terrible that I want to ply my guests with equally sweet and delicious baked goods? Really? I don't think so.

Also, the dessert bar will include an homage to beef jerky. Yes, that says beef jerky. On our first date, my fiance informed me that his favorite dessert was beef jerky. Done. :)

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