Thursday, August 12, 2010

Only in my dreams.

Lately all I dream about is my wedding venue. That can't be healthy/normal, can it? I don't remember the dreams, I just wake up frustrated and exhausted, so they must be realistic! Also, (although this isn't new) I can't focus at work. All day long I research and contact Seattle-area venues. I'm so going to get fired, which will make paying for a venue significantly harder. So, now I go, really. For reals. I swear! But first, here's a picture of the project I started and almost completed this week.

Yay for sewing! I'm terrible at it, but it sure is a good distraction from stressful things. I made three of these for Christmas gifts. Thanks, Martha!(Yes, I know it's a Valentine's day purse, but what 7 year old doesn't want a purse with hearts on it!? Seriously. None. Plus, I plan to fill it with cheap junk. Kids LOVE junk!)

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