Friday, March 25, 2011

Shoe help!

So, I ripped the bow off my shoes. I have nothing against grosgrain ribbon bows. Except they just aren't right for a wedding. If you recall, they looked like this from here:
I think they already look more sophisticated without the bows, but obviously, they need a little help.

So, this lady here mocked up a kiss pleat for me.

I likes, although I haven't really explored other options. Maybe I'll mock up some fabric flowers and see how that looks, too. I'm not sure. I do like the shape of the kiss pleat, though. So many tiny decisions to be made still! And now there is officially less than 6 months left. Should I start freaking out yet?

Also, Chris bought me flowers. Pretty!

And, not surprisingly, I still love milk glass!


  1. Sister, that kiss pleat needs fixing up before you go around showing it off online! Smaller, neater, tighter, kissier... People are going to think I'm pulling a mean joke on you :)

  2. Well, it's clearly a mock up! You've seen the pins, right!?