Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What wedding?

Who has time to do any wedding related things when there are so many cakes to be made? Not me!

I am, however, in looove with this vegan chocolate cherry cream cake with maraschino cherry hearts as a border. C'mon! That's cute!! I was pretty proud of myself when I thought of it. *Pats self on back.*

Then I made a vegan chai latte cake. It's gooood.

I can't decide which cake I like more. I'd say it's a toss up! (Although the chocolate gets points for adorableness.)

Since my awesome friend (and best customer) Katrina is keeping one cake for her birthday and the other is going to work with her hubby, I made mini cupcakes for her to taste test and decide which stays cake goes to work and which cake stays home. Look how small they are in the cupcake holder! They're adorable.

I can't stop eating them.

Mmmm, breakfast.

At one point during the frosting process I heard a funny sound. It was the cat sitting a few feet away, gazing lovingly at the cake and repeatedly licking her lips. Finally, when the licking got irritating enough and I realized she wasn't leaving, I got a spoon, put a teeensy bit of frosting on it, put it on the floor. She ate it up and went to lay down. She just needed a little after-dinner sweet. She's sooo my cat.

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