Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Ok, so this week is busy. Really busy. There's a rainbow cake to be made and delivered, and packing to be done for our trip to San Diego with Chris' daughter. (Which will be fun, once I get over the 'getting up at 4am on Saturday' part. Mornings and I are not good friends.)

I know I'm behind, because the shop came online on Monday, but, I have to talk about Anthropologie's wedding line BHLDN (pronounced Beholden)! So vintage chic!

Clutch, anyone?

From here and here.

And guess what! There are dresses, too! (Obviously.) For the girl who wants to go vintage all the way, the details on this dress are stunning:

I also love the taupe-y color of this dress. Perfect for those lighter skin tones!

This next dress would be an absolutely perfect bridal shower or rehearsal dinner dress. Or perhaps an "I'm eloping but I still want to look completely lovely" dress. Or, an 'I want to look stunning without looking like I'm trying to hard at my casual wedding' dress. Oh, the possibilities.

I could see myself wearing that if I were having a different kind of wedding. It's so preeetty.

The dresses are gorgeous and whimsical, but what I'm really mad over are the accessories in the BHLDN line. This feather hairpiece looks a insanely similar the one I won from my photographer, Abbey Hepner. So, of course, I likes.

This one is just the perfect amount of bling for one's hair. I could also see it being turned into a gorgeous belt. Mmmm.

I also love these hair sparklies. Yes, I think that's the technical term.

This necklace could be completely stunning. It's way out of my budget, and I feel like I'd have to see it on to be sure, but it's simple and delicate, yet intricate at the same time. And so unique.

But the thing I covet the most is this brooch:

I have such a thing for anemones. I know it's a broach, but how gorgeous would that be in someone's hair!? Yep. Love.

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