Monday, February 14, 2011

Who knew!?

Registering is suuuuper fun! I was sort of dreading it - I mean shopping for pillowcases with the husband to be...that could get frustrating quickly. Don't get me wrong, he likes to shop, but more for shoes for me than covers for pillows. However, I promised him a burrito, and off we went. (No, I'm not above bribing grown men. What!?) It didn't hurt that he found a Packer fan (from Mexico - who watched the game during his wedding reception...) and me and my registration gun found the Martha Stewart cake plate collection. Who doesn't want one of these in every size!?

Or perhaps square!?

I'm not going to lie, I love both. They had mini ones in cupcake size as well. Cuteness, shrunken! (I can't find a photo, however. Boo.) And this MS compote/bowl/dealie. Love.

Then, I started in at Sur La Table. Macy's is great because of their national presence, but I need really specific cooking things that aren't available at Macy's. I compared the pricing between Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table, and found Sur La Table to have the more reasonable prices. Plus, it's a local Seattle company that has stores all over, and online shopping. Done!

I so rarely let myself go crazy in stores because, well, I have loans to pay off. But this!? This is fun, fun, fun. And if we get only some of the things, or none at all, that's fine. I'm just enjoying creating my wish list! (Er, wait. *Our* wish list...uhhh, yeah.)

I've managed to register for an extraordinary number of things, but most things are under $50. Some are only $0.95 (strawberry huller, anyone!?) and I included fun things like vanilla and sprinkles and melon ballers.

But, my greatest wish? Can you keep a secret? It's this:

Ok, so maybe it isn't a secret that I love this. It's completely drool worthy, though! Am I right? It's a 6 quart Kitchenaid. That's a full 2 quarts larger than the one I have now. Yes, of course, I do have a Kitchenaid already...however, it's very loved and is starting to slow and make strange noises. I would absolutely love to have a bridal shower where everyone donates whatever they can to my "Kitchenaid" fund instead of people buying me a bunch of little things. It'll be a "mixer" shower. Yes. Yes, it's a fabulous idea. But, we'll see.

Chris has also offered to buy it for me as my wedding gift. Isn't that so sweet!? But, I feel like it's so expensive! And I'm not sure I'm so into that whole "wedding gift for your soon-to-be-spouse" thing. Thoughts? Comments?

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