Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday Deliciousness!

Wow. I actually enjoyed the Super Bowl. That's a first. But, mostly, I enjoyed the attention my cupcakes garnered. It also helped that my friend Roque invited all of my favorite people to his Superbowl/Birthday party bash, so us girls could catch up with each other in the kitchen as the boys yelled/swore/jumpedupanddown in the living room. It was quite a lovely, albeit loud (until we disconnected that pesky speaker - shhh), evening.

Ok, back to the cupcakes. As mentioned in this post, my friend wanted hostess-style cupcakes for his birthday. So, I made chocolate cupcakes filled with a marshmallow cream filling and topped with a thickened chocolate glaze (so the footballs would stick). I wish I had a photo of the center...sigh.

Per the fiance's request, I outfitted 10 chocolate footballs with fondant G's. Chris even helped by massaging the proper mix of yellow and orange food coloring into the fondant.

Hmm...the close-ups aren't great. I wish I had more knowledge of how to work with fondant and make it look more professional. I also wish I had a *lot* more time so I could have made cookie cutters instead of freehanding all of these with nothing but a knife and a paper outline to follow. Despite their imperfections, I think they looked quite fantastic all grouped together.

Here are some more shots of the cupcakes all assembled:

All of the cupcakes:

There was quite literally sea of football cupcakes! (In my defense, 53 people RSVPd to this event.)

I don't think I've ever had so many people compliment me on my cupcakes and tell me that they were amazing. More than one person told me they thought they were purchased from, and I quote: "one of those fancy cupcake places." I was asked if I was a professional baker. A lot.

Oh, and as for the Super Bowl, Chris' team won. "Go pack, go." (Wait. I don't think they use punctuation in there. Anyways...something like that.) Oddly, more people asked me if I was from Wisconsin (probably because of the packer t-shirt I was wearing) than Chris. I'm guessing this is because he was the only one glued to the tv. No one really knew he was there.

Chris did look over at me when I threw my arms up into goal posts and yelled "Gooooooooal!" I thought it was hilarious. I think he just rolled his eyes. Rightfully so, really.

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