Thursday, February 17, 2011


So, yesterday I mentioned this rainbow cake I'm baking. It's for one of the little girls at D&G Dance Company. I *really* extra super hope it turns out so, so pretty. However, I still haven't decided on which buttercream frosting recipe I'm going to use. This could be a problem as it has to be frosted tonight. Meh - what's one more late night?! I'll be on vacation on Saturday! (Oh wait. Vacation with a 7 year old. Dear sleep: I miss you.)

Although I haven't decided on the frosting, I have started sketching the cake. Yes, I sketched a rainbow. There were rulers involved. And three sketches gone awry.

This is serious math.

How come it seems that I used to be able to do this free hand as a child no problem, and now I need rulers?


  1. It's called "overthinking it", Goofball :)
    Be sure to post lots of pictures of the finished product!!

  2. Oh, I will be posting!

    And I just don't want it to look like a six year old made it...what with the "I don't know the intended consumers" and all.